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Unlocking Trading Opportunities

Hosted by
Andrew Horowitz
Kevin Hoffmann
May 17th | 9:00 am EDT | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

How to Find Trading Opportunties

We will find what instruments have the greatest opportunity for trading.

Holes/Fast Zones

Discover patterns where price moves quickly through time.

Color Coded Alerts

An easy to recognize trading strategy that is easy to view with colors that make trading simple.

Free Trials and More...

All of the TriggerCharts trading indicators are available for a 10-day test drive on the TradeStation Platform.

Do Not Trade Areas

Find out where the best opportunities lie and when not to trade.

X-Ray of the Market

Where are the institutions buying and selling? We show you how to identify the price points.


About Andrew Horowitz

Andrew Horowitz is the founder of TriggerCharts. Working with Tradestation for over a decade, he has created a series of trading indicators that he utilized for portfolios he manages and are now available on the Tradestation TradingApp Store. Andrew often blends fundamental and technical analysis when investing to seek out opportunities with stocks, ETFs and other instruments. In addition, volume based analysis is an area that he focuses on to hone in on the areas of price interest. TriggerCharts indicators are some of the most popular in the TradingApp Store based on user reviews.

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May 17th
9:00 am EDT